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Top-12 Ukrainian Canadian contest winners



Ira Didych, s.Strilche, Ivano-Frankivsk region

Contest personality - Luba Goy (video link)

Ira Didych

I live in a small village Strilche in Ivano-Frankivsk region. I am about to graduate from a high school. I am very active and participate in different competitions. I took prizes of geographies, ecology, mathematics, computer science. I like literature and art and enjoyed photography and music teen camps. My father was shot at Maidan in 2014 during the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine. From an early age I helped my parents with different volunteer projects, in particular during the Maidan and ATO. I am fond of hiking (hiking, rafting, tourist camps and training), traveling (new cities, new countries), photography, books (fantasy forever) and, in principle, anything that can brighten my life. My dream is to become an applied linguist.


Nazariy Derzhylo, Lviv

Contest personality – Oleh Antonyshyn (video link)

Nazariy Derzhylo

On February 6, 2014 I was seriously injured in an explosion at the House of Trade Unions in Kyiv during the Revolution of Dignity. The uploaded anonymous package labeled "medicine" that exploded in the hands of my friend forever changed my life. I lost one eye and received a second thermal burns of my other eye, an open head injury, multiple fractures of the skull and face. Fortunately, with God's grace and with the help of good people, I recovered. Plastic surgeries, masterfully performed by Canadian doctor, Oleh Antonyshynym, reconstructed my face and helped to gain faith in life again. At the moment I am a 3rd year student of the National University "Lviv Polytechnic". After graduation I would like to continue my education abroad - to develop innovative and promising technology of shale gas, because I believe that it is - a sure way to rid Ukraine "gas dependence "on Russia in the future and, accordingly, to obtain the actual economic and political independence of our country. I used to not think about the future, but now realize that in order to succeed in life, you have to study and work hard. Consequently, learning English will realize my plans for the future - to become a highly qualified specialist in the extraction of shale gas in this area and be useful to my beloved country, Ukraine.

Mariia Kalaida, Uzhhorod
Contest personalityVasyl Yelenyak (video link)
Mariia Kalaida My name is Maria, I'm 18. I think the world is extremely simple. If you want to become a little more kind, then walking down the street smile more at strangers. If you want to bring more love to this world, give it to the orphaned children by spending time with them. If you want to bring more light to this world, change an old light bulb in the hallway while others just complaining because of the darkness. When you are overwhelmed with a thought that the world loses a talented person, you start to practice different musical instruments from the morning to the late evening or go to the library and read books. You can even mess in your kitchen with different ingredients in order to bake another cake, a culinary masterpiece. If you want to serve your country and improve her economic, you enter the university in order to become an economist. But if you want to change the world, you get ready to become a professional in the international business. I live by this principle, because the world starts with me and in order to make this world a better place, I have to change myself first.


Lyubomyr Kharovych

Lyubomyr Kharovych, Lviv
Contest personalityLeo Mol (video link)
Hi, my name is Lubomyr. I'm 15 years old high school student from Lviv. I am cheerful, active, sociable and smart.

I take an active part in volunteer organizations and it's very important in my life. My hobby - playing the piano and guitar. For the sixth year of attending music school specialty - vocal. My life credo is: "No matter how many days of your life. It is important how much life in your days.”
Lyubomyr lives in a foster family with four siblings.


Anastasiya Kaminska, Kyiv
Contest story – Petro Yatsyk (video link)
Anastasiya Kaminska What would you tell us about myself? My mom always says that I am everywhere. I call it versatility. I love to learn new things. The more I try to learn, the more I understand that is is important not to miss opportunities coming my way. My passion is literature and when I start to read a new book, I can’t stop until I finish. I tried myself in writing poetry and short novels. I also recite poems and often participate in amateur theatrical performances. I love creative work and often apply my creativity as an animator of different programs for children. I love to cook with my Mom and consider cooking of the Ukrainian dishes as another form of art. Recently I was captured by the art of painting pysanky (Easter eggs). I love to travel to different parts of Ukraine and discover something new. Each Ukrainian town has its own flavor, diversity of customs and rituals. My grandmother taught me many old Ukrainian folk songs and I love to sign them. Climbing one of the highest picks of the Carpathian Mountains, Hoverla, became our annual family tradition. An important part of my life is studying at the Faculty of Psychology of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Here I am getting ready to my future professional career and for a great deal of opportunities in social work.


Dmytriy Bereznitskiy, Kharkiv
Contest personality – Philip Konoval (video link)
Dmytryi Bezernitskiy I was born in a small village in the Khmelnitsky region. My parents and all ancestors came from a village near Chotyrboky and settlements. Now I live in Kharkiv and I am a  second year students of the National Law University Yaroslav the Wise. I was most interested in the subject parliamentarism, human rights and history. I constantly trying to improve my level of English. Interested modern innovations in technology - particularly space - because I believe that space industry will soon become an integral part of our lives. I also follow literary novelties. Of particular interest to me is a book about startups development and innovative business strategies. I love National Geographic and The Economist, as they help me to expand my horizons. My biggest dream is to change life of my fellow Ukrainians for the better and I believe that it’s possible to do when I become a professional in my area. I am sure that I will succeed!


Anna Malysheva, Kyiv
Contest personality – Ivan Ohiyenko (video link)
Anna Malysheva Hello! My name is Anna and I'm 20 years old. I am a 3rd yaer student of the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. I was born in Kyiv, where I live until now. I have quite a large family, four brothers and wonderful parents. Since young age our parents invested a lot of energy in our developments. We were engaged in sports and music and I am eternally grateful to them for these opportunities. When I was six, I started to practice artistic gymnastics and singing in the children's choir. Music will continue to accompany me through life. Now, I sing in a Christian youth choir and teaching Sunday school.  I am also involved in the puppet theater and we perform in different schools and in children homes. It was then I realized that I would like to have more time for children deprived of parental love and my goal is give them more love! Acquainted with the youth team of the charitable organization "Hope for Orphans", for several years I visit orphanages all over Ukraine. Helping orphans makes me really happy.

Oleksandr Khabailyuk, Ivano-frankivsk
Oleksandr Khabailyuk Personality story – Ivan Pylypiv (video link)

'' Stay by who you really are '- that's what really is important to me, is what inspires me and makes me really happy. I really want to feel presennt in this world and that is why I try not only to take but to give in other words: volunteering - is an integral part of my life. I like to analyze, explore and create something new. I also admire the architecture and Ukrainian folklore. If I would be in haven, I would like to design buildings there while listening to the Ukrainian folk songs.


Kateryna Starodubets, Kherson
Kateryna Starodubets Personality storyAlbert Bandura (video link)

I study in "Kherson boarding school named after Taras Shevchenko. I also study piano and vocal in children's music school. Previously I wanted to become a professional musician,  but later I changed my mind, and now it's just my hobby. Also, lately I try in every way to learn English because I need it for entry to the university and for my future career because I dream to become a professional translator or to have my own hotel or a restaurant.


Olena Skalyanska, Sumy
Olena Skalyanska Personality story – Oleksandr Romanko (video link)
My name is Olena and I am 19. In the past, I was a student of the Odessa National Economic University and now I am studying at Wroclaw University and working on educational projects in the State Sumy University. I dedicate my time to volunteer projects in orphanages, boarding schools and community organizations. Among them: the collection of computers to orphanages in Sumy region, organizing children's parties, creating a food bank for people in need, conducting environmental projects, coordination of educational initiatives. I love to travel, hiking, drawing and learning of foreign languages.


Anna Prokopchuk, Rivne
Personality storyPiter Dmytruk (video link)
Anna Prokopchuk I  am from Rivne, Western Ukraine. I studied at Volyn state University and became a teacher of English and German. I also studied creative digital arts and graphic design. I love creative areas of work.  The best gift for me is something handmade. So I always make greeting cards and various surprises for friends. Besides, I have a hobby - paint decorations, including pendants. I like to read, in particular works of  Jack London and John Fowles. The world of Harry Potter for me is the most fascinating. I love music, it has a special place in my life and accompanies me everywhere and every day. And myy greatest passion is travelling! It is unforgettable feeling when you wake up in the morning, go out from the tent, and discover that you are surrounded by the wilderness of the Carpathians Mountains.


Sergii Dubovyk, Lviv
Personality story Lyubomyr Romankiv (video link)

Sergii Dubovnyk

I am a second year computer science student at the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU). During training at the UCU I participated in the National Olympiad in ACM ICPC, which together with the team ranked third among non-technical universities. I got 2nd place at the hackathon SpinOff Hack the system to improve BookCrossing. Also, I love mountain hiking and astronomy. And I have a 3-year-old sister, whereby my days are much more fun.

Top-12 Ukrainian Canadian contest winners
Top-12 Ukrainian Canadian contest winners
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