Every year hundreds of thousands of international students from around the globe come to Canada. O.W.L. Open World Learning Society is Canadian educational NGO that helps all who wish to realize dreams and plans related to education in the maple leaf country. This is the opportunity to study in middle or high school, college or university, or simply language school. Members of O.W.L. team had the opportunity to study and work in different countries across the world and that’s why our academic and professional international experience is extremely useful when we provide free academic and career advising for our clients.

We also raise money and support charitable educational projects and this is what allows us to contribute to the creation of opportunities for those who for lack of funds do not have access to high-quality educational product. We provide scholarships and support children and adults with disabilities in reaching their educational goals.

We are convinced that through education we can change the world within us and the world around us for better.

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